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Today’s Rate…$$$,

Somehow comparatively people freedom mobile from their grip and especially from their finger which plays a vital role to scroll the curtain of mobile.

The day was gleaming outside with high beam light, and it was encouraging us to drink water more and more to keep managing dehydration. Prayash and Bhim are in a gentle action sitting on a couch where Anu is preparing tea for everyone. During tea time we all had a provocative and irritating conversation regarding their job roles in a work placement which was quite entertaining to hear the stories. Bhim Ji, is new episode been uploaded for Nepal Idol? I asked him. Not sure, have not had checked, Bhim replied. Prayash smiled a glance and said, there is no new episode yet dai. Let’s re-review the previous episode again then, I tuned on youtube for a Nepal Idol.
Laptops were sitting on the table in their own environment, one of them was running a Nepal Idol program in AP 1 television, where everyone has a consideration with the interest of their own upcoming singer and their voices. In the meantime, suddenly Bhim opened the door of a word, dai the currency rate has increased today as Facebook hit me in a notification. Now everyone forgot the Nepal Idol program and took a place to discuss the currency rate. Really, what’s the rate today Bhim Ji? He said, it,s  Rs 86 today. Everyone now busies on their own mobile to scroll the Facebook. The notification in Facebook keeps hits in a vibration mode or in a different sound mode, depending on the mobile brand and helps to be active for a while. I attended all of them, their eyes were down the screen, not sure what actually were they looking for, I felt like its a mobile therapy.

I see, I simply return, it’s not too bad. Anu did not close her own word, whatever nowadays they take over a week to deliver the amount to the right person, everyone grant simply. I deliver another word in the middle of the conversation, I do not know how they transfer the money, it’s their way, but I guess they play with the money in different parts until it reaches to the right person, and I don’t know how? This is why I guess it takes over a week, but the reality belongs to money transferred. To know all this we need to involve with them finding people who send money and striking the rate like “Today’s rate … $$$$, highest ever”
I made treatment and asked my friend to check with another agent, the text and find out Rs86.50, correspondingly another one Rs 86.25. Is not it amazing? Yes, we could see advertise on Facebook wall in a different way, see the examples below.

Today’s highest $…..

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अष्ट्रेलियाको जहाँसुकै बाट नेपाल पैसा पठाउन अथवा
नेपालको जहाँसुकै बाट पैसा ल्याउन हामीलाई सम्झनुहोला
छिटो, सजिलो, विस्वासीलो
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अष्ट्रेलियाको जहाँसुकै बाट नेपाल पैसा पठाउन अथवा
नेपालको जहाँसुकै बाट पैसा ल्याउन सम्झनुहोला !!!
छिटो, सजिलो, विस्वासीलो
Please call 📞 / 📲 us on 04… send 💸💸💸 to NEPAL

I naturally said thanks Facebook for your great notification that keep advising us of our community activities. But it is good somehow, some of them, nowadays there are registered money transfer remit in the market.

We are now back to the idol program, then made a plan to have momo in the evening. Let’s go Bhim Ji, and get the pastry and ingredients for a heavenly Nepalese MoMo.

Your suggestion here please :)

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