A Small Cave Found in Babai Valley | Bardia National Park

Crammed with the pristine environment,-Babai Valley at Bardia National Park

Babai Valley one of the protected areas in Bardia National Park located northeast of Park headquarters represents a typical example of an inner Terai dune ecosystem. This is where a small cave was found where Babai River flows from east to west and about 40 km inside the park then south to emerge into the Terai at Parewaodar. A large number of other feeder streams originated from Churia hills enrich water system of the valley.

Babai Valley is one of the best fishing spots at Bardia National Park, where Golden Mahseer catch is highly recommended, and over 250 species of Birds have been recorded. The Babai Valley provides a good habitat and corridor for several wild creatures which includes Tiger, Rhino, Elephant, Himalayan Black Dear, loth bear, four-horned antelope, four species of deer (Samber, spotted, hog and barking deer), ghoral, leopard, and a large number of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, mollusks, arthropods, Major aquatic fauna included two species of crocodiles-gharial and mugger and over 50 species of fish.

Over the bridge at Babai, you could see crocodiles & fish flying inside the river, or even occasionally you may see wild elephant and rhinos over the north side from the bridge. With the permission, you may stop your vehicle or transportation and enjoy the surrounding views crammed with the pristine environment. 

In the current situation, you may camp at the Babai valley and do the fishing in the same time with the permission of park headquarter after purchase permits, if you would add rafting trip would add an extra flavor for your adventurous trip.



Photo Credit: Umanga Khadka



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