Bhaktapur, The City of Devotees

Bhaktapur the city of Devotees, the city of ancient arts, the city of historical reflection before 1427, the city of few miles on Newar community is the nearest city from Kathmandu the capital of Nepal, literally parked almost 13 km east corner from Kathmandu. 

Though it was very scorching and high sunny light outside and when you feel the traffic and unlimited public in the public transportation you won’t feel to step in the public transport but you have to as you do not have the choice unless you have your own airing. I was awake earlier, only the laziness viruses were keep whipping my soul whether to out or not and confusing myself. Until the confusion was running inside me, Manu asked if I would like to have a lunch, normally we Nepalese have earlier lunch time in Nepal, another dilemma hit me and thought to have a lunch. After delicious Nepalese cousin with extra fresh green chili, I am refreshed heavily and focuses my eyes towards Chapali community, Shivapuri National Park areas, then suddenly I scanned my brain and choose to go to Bhaktapur City. I walked 5 minutes down the Chapali Chowk, took the microbus to Ratnapark then took anther direct bus to Bhaktapur.

It may be because of torrid, the Bhaktapur Durbar Square did not seem much busy, the elder houses displayed clearly with some of the houses held by the big log that a huge tragedy earthquake took place in 2015. Most people seems to be inside the house, few locals and visitors seem walking the road and roaming surroundings, most of them are busy taking selfies in their own way.

 Bhaktapur, a place of Devotee, also known as Bhadgaon, is filled up with elder Newar community and is rich in culture, temples, and arts, especially metal, stone and wood crafts made my hand. The most ”CURD” is very famous in Bhaktapur, one should not miss out while in there which is called Ju Ju Dhau in Newari language.

What you can do in Bhaktapur Durbar Square:

  • Visit Durbar Square 
  • Bhairab Nath Temple
  • Nytapola Temple
  • Dattatreya Square Continue…………………..


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