Brunswick Heads New South Wales

The idea was boiling in our head, especially Anu was so animated. We already had a wireless conversation with Ben dai long time ago but the time was not supporting us properly when you are working unless you quit the job. Suddenly, we made a fixed plan then ready for Brunswick Heads NSW and it was unchangeable no matter what happens. Wake up early morning, did the things we had to do, and then just headed to Brunswick Heads.

It’s a good long drive on the pacific highway blinking your eyes with not less than 100 speed most of the time and enjoy the view in the middle of when you are not very far away from the coastal area. Anu was keep vocalizing while I was keep hearkening with a smile but I did not let her have a small nap while driving so I would not bore myself. Finally, we arrived in Brunswick Heads and awaited Ben dai so he could direct us to his home and was Anu’s first meeting. Ben dai silently came in an old style bicycle with no flip-flop which reminded me of 2001 while we were in Bardia, Western Nepal.

Brunswick Heads is a small coastal town on the north coast of New South Wales and nestled in the mouth of Brunswick River which is about 18 km from Byron Bay and almost 148 km from Brisbane. It’s a perfect destination for water activities where you can power up your muscles paddling the Kayak and explore the aquatic creatures in the clean water.

We had a long chat each other with wonderful dinner night, the past was here and made Anu laugh a lot when she heard the story of Ben dai and mine since 2001 to 2015, the story was quite amazing and talked a lot about the school Ben dai established in Thakurdwara Village, Bardia in Western Nepal.  Then we planned early morning Kayaking program, i was not much informative about the places but Ben dai explained all about then started paddled two boats one for us and the other for Ben dai and Beth Bhauju. We uniformed Anu with swim water suits as well as life jackets so she can float even she fall down in the river. The water is so clean so you can shoot your eyes in the deep and heat some fish, water creatures and especially Sting Ray fish  and sea dolphins which just passed under your kayak. We enjoyed a lot and paddled almost two hours and went to the beach side for a while but did not swim cause the tide was so high and strong.

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