Camping at Giraween National Park

Quick treatment with no construction but loads of excitement, keeping adventurous activity in mind we are ready to head to the destinations. 

The words were functioning towards my ear heating up if I would blend the camping trip, and I asked Anu with whom we are going with, she easily said Kamal dai is a planner. I was just thrilled the destination we are heading up and finally, i got confirmed terminal that is Girraween National Park.

I checked the map and showed approximately 3 hours and 4-minute drive which is almost 260 km from Brisbane, located -southeast of Brisbane. Though it is a long distance drive, driving through Cunningham’s Gap with the view of Main Range National Park and it’s very scenic and beautiful views will make your driving more rewardable experience.

Half day was already gone preparing at home and packing down and looking spaces in each others vehicle if we can adjust more stuff, and we asked Bhim if he can bring some waters, corn cub while starts driving as we knew he will be in rush cause he has to start to drive after 3.30 pm or almost 4 pm, and driving all the way over 3 hours was not a joke during the night but we encourage him as he was also excited for camping trip.

While driving we met New England Highway 26km south of Stanthorpe or 30km north of Tenterfield with excitement driving. We were kept in touch with Kamal dai as Anu was kept making a call to Kamal dai if they were near us or a little far away and satisfied that we are on the right track to the destination. Finally, they were waiting for us on the left side having oranges, apples where we joined biting some fruits.

Finally, we arrived safely to the Camping Area.

Castle Rock Camping Area:

CRCA is one of the camping areas at Girrawan which more like a flatter and more suitable for caravans where we camped our home. We were already behind reaching there so we choose straightaway rather than Bald Rock Camping area. We set up our all camping and had memorable dinner but I was worried about Bhim as he was on the way as there was no any reception for mobiles or internet. The area was quite colder than Brisbane city but which quite easily acceptable for me and hold that much cold. My brain kept calling my thoughts if Bhim is somewhere nearby and I asked If Kamal dai would want to walk with me up the road to see if Bhim is almost to arrive. The fresh cloud was falling from our mouth which we could see in the torch rays while walking up to frog and toad, but there was no any sign that Bhim is near to us. Kamal dai asked me better come with a car and wait here and we did the same trick. We went back to the camp, jumped in a car and headed again, this time we drive a little further more if we could phone reception, after a little more drive we could get in touch with phone tower, we made a phone call to Bhim got confirmed he was 40 minutes away, we explained the camping area and told him we gonna hang Nepalese flag on the signboard then move to the right side, we are much comfortable now and back to the camping area.

We spent two nights at Castle Rock Camping area, the first night was not enough time to explore but was the perfect time to have dinner night with new friends where we could hear birds singing and kangaroos walking around us. The area was perfectly setup for a campfire where you can use firewood lit the light and heat up yourself to avoid cold.

My favorite part was climbing the Pyramid, If you have a health or physical fitness problem I would suggest you not to climb the Rock Pyramid but once you are on top I would say take your breath view the whole Girraween National Park. If you are with your kids then it is important to supervise your child all the time and avoid yourself stepping up while it is wet and raining.

Places to See and Walk at Girraween National Park:

  • The Pyramid
  • Granite Arch
  • Wyberba Walk
  • Bald Rock Creek Circuit
  • Dr Roberts Waterhole
  • Underground Creek
  • Mount Norman
  • Castle Rock and many more 

Facilities at Girraween National Park:

  • Water is available but not suitable for drinking
  • Toilet & Showers are available
  • Grassy fields are available only for Tent
  • Camper Trailer sites 
  • Caravan Camping site is available
  • All walking sites are nearer Camping Area
  • Picnic Tables are available
  • Barbecues area is set up
  • No Power, No Phone & Internet Reception
  • No Pets are allowed
  • You must take your all rubbish with you

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