Cultural Exhibition at the University of Sunshine Coast

Had nothing to do rather than sitting at home and do the lazy breath whole day but Anu told me to join the cultural exhibition that was going to hold at the University of Sunshine Coast at Merivale street Southbank around 12 PM to 1 PM. While we were there, videos were playing on the screen of different culture frequently and the diverse range of arts and culture were displayed in school rooms and students were decorated in their own national dress which was contributing the spirit of the University of Sunshine Coast by providing an opportunity to spread within the locality. Looking for what in the classroom? 


Looking for what in the classroom? Chinese, Nepalese, and Fiji were attracting with their traditional souvenir with typical meaning that all item describes itself. It was a great opportunity to explore and learn about all the arts, cultures, and activities. 

Most importantly I get to know is. 

  • We need culture.
  • Culture is our property/heritage.
  • Respect Culture.
  • Save Culture.
  • Share our culture.


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