Dhurmus and Suntali show in Brisbane

The couple who are active to touch up the community after the shocking tragedy that happens in 2015 in Nepal, that’s an EARTHQUAKE. These are the couple who are commonly known as Dhurmus (Sitaram kattel) and Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire), from the prominent tale serial called Meri Bassai.

I kept telling by Anu to blend this show as she wanted to combine the show and set up Nepalese handicrafts. I joined this show only because Dhurmus and Suntali were building the houses and facilities for those who were affected by an earthquake which is really much appreciated where Nepal Government is still standing in front of the mirror and doing makeup themselves to show up in the public, I highly say is the CORRUPTION makeup where plenty of makeup artists participate.

Anu has packed up her handicraft, Pryash was trying to convince at working place to have a day off, Sapana was waiting at Morayfield to be ended up her work, where Bhim was still running in a highly heated kitchen Manly, and off course our KN Kandel dai too.

I was feeling something no tasty as I was missing my camera to lens cap off until the program ends up, As my friend borrowed my camera to travel Nepal but I was quite happy as he was posting photos with excitement which was much interesting haha ha ha. I dropped them at the”THE EDGE” Stanley Place, Southbank next to Queensland state library. When I entered the place, I was attacked by one the member from Expert Education who offered recharge voucher for Vodaphone which can be used if you process any consultancy through Expert Education. I was stamped on my hand at the entrance where Bhim, Pryash, Anu and Sapana were busy just doing nothing but looking after the install and keep eating momos but of course others too. Murari from Fusion Cafe that is located in West End has Momo and chiura achar stall next to Anu’s handicraft. As soon as I was inside Prayash and Bhim were excited offering me a momo, which was really tasty. While eating momo, Pryash was convincing a lady to have the water bottle by swapping with Hinduism goddess Laxmi photo which was truly appreciated and he did it.

All the artist play their role and performed effectively and well including a pop singer Bharat Sitaula, Viral in YouTube, the Nepalese dance group from Sydney known as “THE NEXT” and some local Nepalese from Brisbane. Comedy role performed by comedian and theater artist Deepak Acharya ( commonly known as Bange Baa in the comedy role). The final play was done by Dhurmus and Suntali which focused on a comedy to develop the nation, especially those who are suffering from the earthquake. If you would like to help them by donating as much you can even ONE RUPEES is appreciated.

Thank you

Before this event happened in Queensland, Brisbane, The program was hosted in Sydney, following by Melbourne and then in Brisbane.




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