Flora of Brisbane

I am only the taking photos on my way as I am not a professional though I am not a specialist in botanical but I am sure the Brisbane Council or Australian Government provides the list of all the native plants, fungi etc. that are in Queensland. Of course, we can say Queensland has plenty species of plants, flora etc which we see our surroundings, in the park, and in the wild.

In this post, the photos are mixed taken by camera and mobile, you may like it or dislike but as I think I should take snaps of that, I would definitely take the shot to avoid my regret that occurs hours or day after in my mind. 

Truly I do not know the name of all the flowers but happy to post here. If you identify the flower and has a name in your mind, do not forget to suggest me, I would be more appreciated. 

Give a Name of this Flower 🙂

Name Please

I do not know the name of this Flower

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Your suggestion here please :)

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