Gold Coast and the Theme Park- A day in Water World

When the excitement takes place in your body, you will look no further rather somehow you will manage to make your trip adventurous whether it is a short or a long trip. Here we go, four of us made it, Anu, Sapana, Pryash and myself. Anu was back from work at 6.30 AM and she had few hours sleep to get rest for the day, and we three were already had enough rest as we were off for the work. It shows in the map around 42 minutes to be in the spot and finally is here at the Theme Park, Gold Coast. 

If you want to get rid of the line to purchase tickets then be there earlier or better to buy online, also it avoids your stress to the car parking. As we were at the Movie world, We firstly choose the first ride called Green Lantern Coaster. Myself, Pryash, and Anu were ready to play but Sapana seems bit worried and planned to be in the second-row but we were seated in the first row. The expression after the ride was an amazing and targeted batwing space shot for our second ride. This is one of the biggest holiday destination with plenty of adventurous game where over 100 people visit a day. Wet and Wild Water world is located right next to Movie world, where water adventurous sports adds another flavor to your experience. There are plenty of water slides and rides in the water world and are the main attraction for your day. H20 Zone and ‘The Tornado, the Kamikaze, a giant U-shaped slide where you will be plunged meters away down the side. These makes your day easy to go with your families and friends including children. 

where on the other side in the movie world Arkham Asylum, Green lantern ride, Roller Coaster, Superman Escape, Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster makes your day the breathtaking ride with fun and adventurous. 

while you are in Theme Park, before you entering into, I would suggest you take the picture where your car is parked so that it makes easy to find at the end of your day. It would be helpful if you get information whether if you are allowed your own food inside the park as some of them are not allowed. 



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