Jato, a grinding machine made of special stones that are still been using in Nepal or you can say a ”grinder”. 

A stone grinder machine which is made of from stone. Jato is used by hand to grind such as pulses, lentils, rice, kinds of wheat and other grains and normally a person is enough to operate it. It can be found whether in the Himalayan region or the Terai region of Nepal, the especially rural village in a current situation. 

jaato, Nepali Jato

Basically, it consists of two round carved stones, the bottom part is attached to the floor in the house where another part is placed on top f the bottom flat stone. The bottom stone has a big wooden nail in the center which supports the top part. However, the top part has two holes one in the center where big wooden nails insert while placing and the other on the side of the top flat stone where the small wooden nail is placed. While grindings the things people grab the small wooden nails to roll and move the top flat stone in a clockwise direction or anti-clockwise direction to grind the grains. 

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