Journey to Panthedada Lamjung Nepal

The plan was already set up for Lamjung and was my second trip though bags are packed one day in advance to leave early next morning. The night was calm without electricity as load shedding has taken over celebrity’s spaces in Nepal, especially the Capital City Kathmandu with half a city with lights and half with dark.  A little fear if an earthquake would miss us while in a deep sleep, a few days ago an earthquake pushed us around nearly 5 AM which was smaller than the huge tragedy we had. 

The mobile gave an alarm signal and told its time to get ready to be in Balaju bus park on time, not really cold but the chill atmosphere was quiet happiness outside. We four Anu, Manu and Nabin headed to Bus park and fixed the ticket which for 7 Am. You will be seeing people busy around bus park most of the time as street shops are active, and no doubt streets foods are tastier than the professional restaurant but with a little care of hygiene, you should be fine. I had a black tea in a plastic ups with extra sugar and strong tea and refreshen up, there was a  type of melody rhythm by bus staffs calling people for their vacant seats like hello, here, Pokhara, dumre, etc and if you are a clever you would get discount cause they do not want loose their clients.  With an imaginary long bus ride sliding through Tirsuli river, we took our seats but in a while a man appeared with dozens of bed sheets and forced to buy 3 or 4 at once with discounts which we ignored but he was keep pushing us and I stare with the angry evil eye then he stepped away. 

Let me skip you here and land at Dumre to minimise your anxiousness for my boring blog post

We are at Dumre after almost four hours drive, it’s time to catch another local bus to Borang Khola, We had to wait another half an hour for bus, we waited outside cause we did not want to boil ourselves inside the bus in 35 degrees, heaps of cement sacks were filled up, some chicken too and its grains, you need to walk over the cement sack to get your seats. If the bus moves the breaches waves you a little air through the windows, but while the bus stops you will be struggling with cement powder and chicken grains husk. But it was nice to have an experience travelling in local buses. As soon as you leave the Dumre, you will be greeting by Chepe River and greenery hills that your eyes won’t get tired. Thrilling yourself looking bus wheels that just drives right at the edge of the roadside and better not to imagine if it could happen.

Walking in a hill terrace with great views where clouds sometimes try to cover the clear sky give a sing to rain sometime later and let you walk hopefully leaving your tiredness. We did walk for more than an hour to reach the home resting and viewing while walking where villagers keep watching you if you are a new in the area.

Panthedada is a small village with rich in culture, nature & religion in Lamjung District in Western Development region of Nepal and Besishahar is the headquarter. Its altitude between 1500 m to 2000m approximately. It is an idea of paradise for those who love hiking, trekking or Camping or even home stay to get closer to culture, People are innocent and beautiful with nature. It’s a historical place which holds the Shah dynasty’s memory of Drabhya Shah and Narhari Shah. The Chepe Khola runs between two districts Gorkha and Lamjung, where Liglig kot is nestled in Gorkha and Rainas Kot, is nestled in Lamjung. Mother of two Shah’s handed over Liglig Kot to Drabya Shah and Rainas Kot to Narhari Shah to run their reign. It was the time where Nepal was divided into 24 reigns.

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