Kathmandu: A City Built on Nepalese Cuisine

Nepali Chulho Restaurant in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

A Taste of Authentic Nepalese Cuisine–Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

I still look back those days when I first skip to have a dinner in a typical Nepalese restaurant which serves traditional food. It was me, Anu, Chandrama ( my cousin) and her husband on our family occasion as they ¬†just got married so we invited them to have a special time, I say it’s a family dinner time. As we outlined to invite them, firstly thought we should draw up cuisine for them in our tiny rented room at Lazimpat but it was not that quiet straightforward as Kathmandu has always had a water discrimination city which diverted us to adopt restaurant around Kathmandu Valley. Thamel took a corner in our thought at first, but later Anu determined something special where we could have typical Nepalese food and big thanks go to Anu for choosing a perfect place for a family gathering where you could relish your meal.

We choose Nepali Chulo restaurant located in Lazimpat which is easily accessible whether private or public transpot in a quiet and calm environment with enough parking areas. The name Chulo is derived from Nepali word which describes cooking stove in english language. The Nepali Chulo offers you traditional Nepalese and Newari food with traditional cultural dance and folk music to entertain their guest while having a meal. I would say you would be benefit to enourage yourself a bit of gathering Nepalese cultural information the way they show ethnic culture program. While having dinner i was exciting to have few question with the staff and i could not stop myself asking them about the food and quality. With a innocent smile a staff explained that they deliver quality food keeping visitors health awarness to server better. 

If you are in Kathmandu Valley, i would say no doubt and strongly recommend you visit once Nepali Chulo Restaurant in Kathmandu.

Performing Traditional Nepali Dance at Nepali Chulo Restaurant


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