Nepal festival in Brisbane 2016

I could not make it smack myself our own Nepalese cultural show that holds for two days in King George Square Brisbane after the one I had in 2010. The mostly I missed to lock the snaps in my lens cap off though I am not a professional photographer but I am sure it would have been a rewarded memory in the future.

Nepal Festival Brisbane 2016

The notifications appeared in the facebook keep heating my head, keep branch out my eyes towards various uniformed Nepalese that shows different parts of Nepal in the lap of Brisbane city which holds their own features, characteristic, and importance, it looks like colorful diversity inside the cultural diversity. I would highly grateful to NRNA Australia for organizing such an amazing ceremony.

Nepal Festival Brisbane Qld

The NRNA organize Nepalese festival once in two years in collaboration to Australian representative that happened on 11th of November a parade and 12th was the cultural ceremony and the main reason of the festival was to promote Nepalese tourism in Australia and  the world covering the current affairs in Nepal. Similarly, the ceremony holds in other cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne.

Nepali Festival in Brisbane

Though I missed the ceremony, I requested Anu to take some snaps for my blog, she waved her head. I told her it would be your initial photography to make sure to continue in the coming days.

Over thousands of people tuned in making it happen Nepalese Culture festival where people were burnished with Nepalese national dresses including different types Nepalese traditional dances like Jhakri, Kumari, Panche Baja etc which attracted thousands attention and done successfully. 

Nepal Festival in Australia 2016

The another essence was added to make it more rewardable by invited singers from Nepal who displayed and performed well on the stage with Nepalese traditional, pop and Modern songs. 

Nepal Festival 2016 Qld, Brisbane

 Over the sky, clouds were discussing whether to drop or not with heavy thunderbolts and showered for a while until it got tired then stopped with a smile which helped success leading the festival. Shops and stalls were set up including handicrafts, foods that provided classic Nepalese savoriness.

Nepali National Flag, one and only different shape in the World

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