Nepalgunj was a big city for me I still remember when I was a child that we used to go Nepalgunj via India as there was no proper highway I mean Mahendra Highway the one we have now. Ride an ox cart in the past from Thakurdwara village to Kothiyaghaat then catch a bus from Indian border then make a travel all the way to Rupaidiha via Murtiya, Baharaich and finally to Nepalgunj city. Nepalgunj city is familiar to me since the childhood and especially my initial college study was begun in Nepalgunj.

Bageshwori Temple, Nepalgunj

The sunny day but apparently hot and a maruit gypsy jeep with no hood but planned to go to Nepalgunj and was the Mother’s day. While in a drive you won’t feel that much hot even no hood, we suggest  Puskar drive easily for our own safety but sometimes he goes a little bit crazy on the drive, just a little with acceptable. After almost two and half hour drive stepped Nepalgunj and Puskar went back to Kohalpur almost 24 km away on Surkhet road to fix the seats and do few servicing and he said he will stay overnight in Kohalpur. 

Shiva Statue Nepalgunj

In the evening, we did walking which is much appreciated when you are heated by almost 35 to 40 degrees otherwise you can cook perfect fried eggs on the heated road. We went to Siddhartha Restaurant which offers delicious Nepali Mo Mo with mouth watering chutney. On the way back, a juice street shop was waiting with heaps of sugarcane and could not stop me, I asked everyone if all of them Anu, Bhauju, and my cousins, they agreed to waive their head. After a glass of sugarcane juice, all of we returned to the home where Buwa and Ama of Bhauju prepared varieties of foods and especially there was no space in my belly to add on more food. 

Street Shop next to Bageshwori Temple

Nepalgunj is a small city with multi-ethnic culture, people from various communities that lies in Banke district in the western region of Nepal. It is a market connection and business center for Banke, Bardia, Kailali and surkhet. Nepalgunj city is popular for its own market features in different areas such as Dhambojhi, Eklaili Bazar, Sadarline, Tribhuvan Chowk etc which applies for industrial products, fancy store, street foods and local restaurants. 

If you ever want to taste street foods then go nowhere else, Nepalgunj offers varieties including Mo Mo, sugarcane juice, panipuri, samosa chat. 

The Ranjha airport is situated north east of Nepalgunj city and is the main corridor to enter for Dolpo plateau trekking and Jumla region. Similarly, the newly established Banke National park offers to feel wildlife adventures. The Indian border Rupaidiha is located 6km south of Nepalgunj is one of the entrance center from India to Nepal. 


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