Nepali Rock Concert in Brisbane—Robin & the new Revolution

It was my second time I went to see a concert in my life with my friend, the first Nepathya,,,,  second Robin and the new revolution which was held at 608 ann street, fortitude valley, Brisbane , 17th of June 2012. I do not know who the organiser is, but attend to view the experience of rock songs of Nepal. The concert was held in fully pub and bar. Though me and my friend Shudarshan step away. After paying 25 AUS$ and showing our identification as a proof of adult, we were allowed to enter the pub. It was another confusion to me that there is no doubt how come we need to show our identification to see the real Nepalese concert, as is the musical, which can convert unconscious objects to conscious.Yes it is true we need identification to enter the pub but why music concert in pub or bar? 

Music is the way provides important information and process the brain of the listeners  the way they understand,   in order to derive some information about the internal mental state of the speaker which applied to modulate the listener’s emotional response to the speech, and this accounts for the emotional effect of music.

Comparing Concert between Nepathya and the new Revolution, quite different,,,,,,from a child, adult to the old aged people were seen in Nepathya,,,, where 95% adults and 1% old aged people were seen in the new revolution concert. It is obvious that the new revolution is rock, and Nepathya the pop, modern pop, modern lok songs. It isn’t mean that Robin and Revolution are bad as it has its own way of music cycle and he is a great singer.

Basically, what I saw is more people were lingering with beer or whisky or scotch,,, and seems they were enjoying in drinking more. Click the images below to see in large view.

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