One Day in Cairns, Queensland

The resolution was made quickly for a week but with some reason, it is dropped to one day and was quick one day trip. Shudarshan used to live in Cairns and was keep calling me all the time, but my time was pushing me away backward all the time, this is what happens when are in regional areas of Queensland, especially for particular purposes. Anyway, I managed to go cairns even for a day. I rather did not choose flights as I had to face transit and decided to grab a night bus from Mackay which was almost 400 km away from my place. Booked the ticket and was fixed around 6.30 Pm to be started bus ride which may take whole night but was excited to have another night tour feelings, then I used to have night bus ride in Nepal from Kathmandu to far western part of Nepal.

While reaching cairns, I feel like it is like Kathmandu, or Thankot or Shulikhet or Panchkhaal, the only thing differ is you won’t get boiled but fried eggs on the street, or no one comes you to sell slice of cucumber or wood fired corn, or water bottle or packet of chips or two minute noodle. Anyway, these are the parts of the memory of Nepal that we face while traveling on a bus. The scenario outside looks beautiful, quiet fresh air, greenery which refreshes your internal excitement. 

Cairns a getaway to northern Queensland of Australia where plenty of places to see and visit though i did not visit most of them and is not possible in one day. 

Places you can visit in Cairns are:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • the Daintree rainforest
  • the Atherton tablelands
  • Cape Tribulation
  • Go to a secret swimming spot and much more.

It is always an idea of paradise, a dream place and it does not matter how old you are, what are your adventurous dream, it can be an attractive deal to have a dreamed experience. 


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