Paniyiri-Greek Festival-South Brisbane

Got a word from Prayash that Bhim is coming soon, I could not deny having a new practice and treatment was fully set up to go to Greek Festival. The Festival was held at Mushgrave Park, Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane on 20th May 2017 to 21st May 2017.

My brain was scrolling myself to smell and taste the festival, and finally, Bhim is here.


The location was in a perfect place but as we saw car parking for $20, we turned back straightway and looked for free street parking, the car is parked safely, here you go for a 5-minute walk to the destination. After paid entrance fees $12 each, we were allowed to enter. People seems in their own way of satisfaction as one can choose diversity from Greek foods also greek beer. We three choose wrap with chicken and lamb and enjoyed our wrap with belly dance performed by a wonderful lady.

Plenty of food stall were installed, the live performance was running well, some adventurous game was on like scrolling coaster not as Themepark or Dreamworld, The festival of everything Greek.


  • Food & Wine
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Plateia-Greek Village Square
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Church Tours
  • Cultural Displays

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