Teej Festival

Teej one of the most popular festival in that comes one time a year, I would say its a one of the monsoon season festival which is known as women’s festival in Nepal. Classically it is known by ”HARITALIKA TEEJ”.

Teej festival is deserved by married and unmarried women in Nepal. On this occasion married women dressed in red sarees, shining glass beads ( Pote) which can be green, red or yellow color, shining glasses bangles and some tikuli in their forehead, also they decorate with ornaments. Married women devote for their husband for their good future, long relationship & for the long life of her husband where unmarried girls devote to find a good husband in the future as it is related to Godde’s Parvati and her devotion to her husband Lord Shiva. What I know is married or unmarried women would wish on this day to be their husband as a God Shiva.

Getting together with friends, singing, and dancing is common on this day where they bring fact, funny, sadness, satire based on true stories in their songs. 

Haritalika Teej goes for three days, the very first day women get together, sing as well as dance. The second day, women observe a fast for the whole day, in the evening all women worship Godde’s Parvati and only have food and water on the third day.

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