The Dark Day

As usual, after brew up in the morning, staffs are preparing for lunch in the kitchen. Lying down on a bed, the ranger is reading an old newspaper called Gorkha Patra, wakes up and looks through the window, where the ravishingly beautiful scenery is smiling. The sun has glinted on the windows, he comes out and sits on a chair with comfortable, cross the legs and shakes it. A small radio is sitting nearby and singing an old Nepali song. He turns his head right and left, then suddenly stands and stretches the body, inserts the hands into the jacket pocket and places the steps surrounds. Because of the warm sunlight, chair attracts him to lull on the sunshine, the same Gorkha Patra he skips and repeats much time. He rotates the radio frequency in search of another program, but finally satisfied in radio Nepal. Hello, Guthi post, Walkie talkie offers a message from Headquarter. Yes, Guthi post here, Over! How is going there? Any message, Guthi post, Over! Everything is ok till now, Over! Ok, all right, if anything then informs us, over! Sure, we will, over! A walkie talkie is stopped. It is only the medium to communicate between headquarter to post, post to post.

Sizzling vegetables is giving sapid smell in the kitchen, one of is slurping tea in the meantime. After a moment lunch is ready for a day. Sir, the food is ready! Would you like to have now or later? Ranger shrink his forehead, shaking leg thinks and said, it is ready then OK, let’s have lunch. All the staffs are genial and enthusiasm, are having nemmet out on the patio. With mouthful rive, Shevak request to pass the water jar, red fired chillis are placed on a plate on the side, a water jar is passed in front of him. He drinks water giving a sound clak.. clak…! Since long n time, haven’t had the taste of Jaad (rice beer) says, Tank. Ohy, don’t remind the head, reacts Shevak. See, see, his mouth is testing as he heard the jaad, says Indra, rest of laugh at them. Drink too much when you are at home on holiday and bring some bottle of jaad for us. Here in the jungle, we can’t find the village, says Dhakal. In the meantime, Tank says, I will bring in a gallon and sink in it, would be so much nice. All of them laugh in a loud voice. By the time, they finished their dishes and heads to the ranger. Have you all had lunch guys? Yes, sir, we did, and now we are here for about patroling today. Ok, if so then we can go for short patroling towards the north side, its boring to be here in the room always, it would be wonderful to walk in the jungle, says the ranger. He adds, though involved in the park service, guthi experience would be memorable. Guthi is naturally wonderful but is the main poaching area as well. Hills, and unreachable treks, geographic features are supporting to poachers, easier to hunt the animals. No weapons are provided to game scouts, empty hands are their weapons to protect against the hunters. Normally, poachers use the jungle day and night both time, but when and where, hard to track them. Barbecue made of a wooden stick, to dry meat are found in many spots prepared by poachers, it seems not for them but to smuggle the dry meat somewhere in the part of the country. So, how many of us go for patrolling? Ranger says. We don’t need to go all today sir, Indra and me will go today, and is not too far, says Dhakal. Ya, ya, two of we go today, its regular places, next day we can go in a group, if we find anything to like, we would inform you soon, supports Indra to Dhakal. Even though, the group would be strong, so would be better, ranger says. Before ranger, ends his words, Dhakal says, not to worry sir, it’s not too far, somewhere near, pointing to other staffs, if they would be here with you, then you wouldn’t feel bore too. Other game scout tries to say something, but they just insist on their own decision. Move, let’s move, says Dhakal and then they head to the jungle. Hey guys, listen, tries to say ranger, but couldn’t, they keep continuing to move forward. What happened them today, just went two, always used to be in a group, says one of the game scouts. Ok, guys, they did not agree, tomorrow we would go in a group, saying ranger enters into his room. Two of game scout lying down on a lawn and another just sits and volumes high the radio, and light the cigarettes. On the other hand, Indra and Dhakal are pacing the step by chatting. Branches of trees are gently swaying in the breeze, dried leaves often drop, birds are chirping melodiously to disturb the nature, but it becomes more and more ear lover that can’t be shunned. Indra picks the two stick of gainda cigarettes, lights the one and gives another to Dhakal. Dhakal denies, and says, one stick is enough for us, shops are not near and need for tomorrow as well, keep it for another day. Sharing a stick of cigarettes, moving forward and chatting each other, they do not realize entering into the deep jungles. Suddenly, Dhakal’s eyes collide to his watch, he breaks his step, its nearly three PM, we are so far away, let it end today up here. Yes, you are right! Just have a short rest then be back to the post. A dried log supports them being a natural chair, a small scorpion passes under the log, hardwood forest, quiet and beautiful scenery, keeps the mind lull and relaxed. They light another cigarette and becomes quiet for a moment. Indra thinks to have a holiday leave, visit his family. Dhakal asks him, to visit his family as well. By the time, Dhakal does peas under the tree, humm….ya, it is better now,  he says, Indra, does the same. Let’s back Dhakal, Indra says, ok let’s go now. Lightning another cigarettes they head back to the post, Have you had any extra blade Indra? I have to shave my beard,  Yes, I have, will give you when we are in the post, Dhakal replies.  Good yar, now I can shave my beard. As they are continuing their path, they could hear people speaking somewhere. They stopped and try to find the direction the voices were blowing in the air. Finally, they found a group of people. Two out of fourteen are under age, and the rest of them were matured. Doko (bamboo basket) are placed on trees, some bamboos are lying down on the ground, some of were resting supporting their backbone in a doko, cigarettes are helping to blow up heavy smokes. Dhakal and Indra reach there and ask some questions, some of their faces changed into the dark, seems are fearful. They were requested to go into the post, promises to release after talking to a ranger. Anyway, you people are already inside the park, we talk with our ranger and then you would be released, we will show you the way, to be out from the jungle and reach the village. In the guard post, staffs are again preparing for dinners, some are cutting vegetables, washing the rice and grinding species. With the rhythm of radio, ranger waddles surround the post, group of bees flew up over the sky, he inhales long breath and stands on a porch of the house.

They accept their request and moves towards the guard post. One of suspicious them, and walk silently in a rude way, slowdowns his step, and thinks differently, tacit opinion takes him in his own decision and decides not to follow them. He does forward, and backwards his step from time to time, Indra and Dhakal are unknown, he is able to convince his group, the post is almost twenty-minute far away, they stopped and told them, we do not go with you guys. Indra and Dhakal are unable to convince them, rumour covers the area, the voice of Indra and Dhakal is useless. Now, they feel different but some of in a group explode a word, to beat them. But Dhakal and Indra dare themselves and be confident, take then into the post and then release. Group transmutes into insane, one of them starts to push game scout, another says, hey beat them, they wouldn’t release us. It’s their trick. Two of the young boys are quaking with fear, they do not do that, do not beat them, two children keep saying, but who cares their word. One of the starts to punch, Indra and Dhakal can’t watch pushing and beating them, tried to protect, the group becomes more violent. Twelve of them continuing beating them, almost half an hour Indra and Dhakal are able to protect, but finally defeat. Still, two young boys are requesting to stop the fight, hey you guys are quiet otherwise, we will kill you as well, they are threatened, they peas in their trouser, when they saw groups heating with stone to Indra and Dhakal, Indra and Dhakal are unconscious. The insane group covered the face of Indra and Dhakal with their sweater, group of people kill them through stone, and away from the spot as they notice they are dead now.


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