Theresa Creek Dam Central Queensland

While in Clermont central Queensland or even I would say ISAC area a bit further of the regional area in a category but honestly peaceful with purely rural with no crowds. 110 km away from Emerald and almost 400 km away from Mackay. I am posting my memories here when I was in Clermont in 2012.

Theresa Creek Dam, Clermont, Central Queensland

Nothing much to do in days off in the vicinity but we found Lake Theresa engrossing to visit which is located around 22 km southwest of Clermont center Queensland. No clue when the shower drops in the areas, the daylight was high burnished outside with high heat, if you walk outside you could hardly open your eyes as a normal but  shrinking your eyes and temples line you would be interested in walking unless you wear black covered sunglasses ha ha ha. Rise and shine early morning, went to march surroundings a bit then back to the room and lied down and searching in my hard drive which movie should I watch. In the mean time, my friend MR. Chandra makes a call from next room and asked if you wanna go to Theresa Creek Dam, I accepted easily and he excites more. Filled up few cold drinks, chips then headed to the targeted destination. 

Lake Theresa Creek Dam, Rubyvale Road, Clermont

The 22 km Rubyvale road passed through the jungle with calm atmosphere with no traffic at all. Theresa Creek dam is an ideal location for your perfect picnic and camping area for your holidays and fishing ground for all ages people, where picnic tables, barbecues areas have been set up. The entry is the free but small amount of fees is charged for your camping. The ground facilities with toilets, showers and kids playground. The sites are non-powered and are better to have the solar lamp. If you have a water boat, you can sail in the lake and allowed to swim in preferred areas. The Theresa Lake is surrounded by native wildlife and its water is fully stocked with Barramundi, Red claw fish. 

Bird Life in Theresa Creek Dam, Clermont

Make sure you take enough foods and drinking water unless you risk yourself to drink the tap water in the areas. 

 What is Possible:

  • Bush Camping 
  • Bird Watching 
  • Low-Cost Camping 
  • Swimming in preferred areas
  • Views over the dam 
  • Fishing is possible but not 200 meters above & 400 meters below the Theresa Creek Dam wall.

Camping Areas To see the picture in a large view please click the images below 

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