Things to do in Bardia National Park

Bardia has everything, whatever you want. With a culture, adventure or a truly wildlife and rural village life. Something you should not miss while you are in Nepal.

Bardia National Park: one of the most wildlife sighting which is situated in western Nepal.Spotted Deer at Bardia

Foot Walking: With your own customize, you can do foot promenading in this wonderful park with jungle stick. Something you should not like to wake up early morning for your early whole day course but once you are inside the jungle you may not want to rebound to your accommodation because it is Bardia and its wildlife with something special. one another spots you will explore with your own foot while walking animal may cross the road in front of you or behind you which can be the most rewarding experience. 

Wildlife Rafting: if you don’t expect for a rapid rafting expedition but a dreamy rafting, then this can take you through the whole river trip ended up at the park border. It’s not just a flowing in the river but with the suggestion of guide, you will be cut short and walk through into the jungle again to examine the wildlife where your foot walking is always with you. This will definitely help you to cover a huge range of areas.

Bird Watching Trip: For a bird watcher lover Bardia National Park is always a birdlife paradise anytime in a year over 400 species of birds. 

Jeep Safari: Another great opportunity to explore the jungle, get ready pack your lunch after your breakfast with jungle stick and get in the jeep. You may be surprised taking jungle stick in a jeep, bit sneaky, you are not going for a long relaxing drive, it’s a real jungle drive as you will be walking again something necessary to track animals track.

Get Closer Crocodile Breeding Center: While you are for your jungle trip, there is crocodile breeding center inside the park headquarter where you can get close up with two types of crocodiles Marsh Mugger and Gharial Crocodile.

Elephant Breeding Center: Another opportunity to get close up after crocodile, this breeding center is located almost 3 km southwest of park headquarter. 



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