Things to Take On Your Bardia National Park Safari

Is Bardia National Park is on your bucket list? and waiting for a long time and finally, the time arrived for your jungle safari. Here, I am going to discuss the things you will need to bring for your wildlife safari in Nepal, especially for Bardia National Park visit, of course, I will say Bardia National Park as it is my hometown.

Apart from your travel documents and related paper works, here I am going to focus only on a wildlife safari and the list you need for your Jungle Safari and for your stay at Bardia accommodation.

  • Clothing: No fancy clothes are needed but anything cotton, casual and comfortable would be a good idea for your safari and of course easy walking shoes. No shiny clothes but should be blend with the jungle and nature that won’t distract wild animals. I would suggest for long trouser as you will be walking in the tall bush in Bardia National Park.
  • Camera/Binoculars: While on travel, you may pack your most of electronic devices such as camera, mobile phones, laptop, tablet or i pad but hardly people will remember about a binocular unless you are a bird specialist. In my sense, binocular is one of the most important devices while on jungle safari which will make a big difference for your wonderful jungle safari. Bardia National Park is a perfect wildlife destination for photography and can be your idea of paradise so must not forget to bring a pair of the camera.
  • Insect Repellent: Yes, you will be in the jungle so you will need to concern about insects in the jungle and highly recommended to bring some insect repellent. If you are allergic to something, I would also recommend you to bring your prescription medicine or get advice from your doctors if the type of medicine is available in Nepal.
  • Flash Light: A torch is most for your jungle safari with camping and I would suggest you bring a good pair of a torch and extra batteries if rechargeable batteries, I would also suggest bringing power bank the code that matches in Nepal.
  • Sun Hat: It is also advisable to bring a hat while waiting for the animals in the jungle or walking half an hour a time.
  • Sun Guard /Sunglasses: In my opinion, you should bring a couple of sunglasses in case you loose one and sun guard cream.
  • Swim Wear: As the longest River of Nepal called Karnali follows through the Bardia Jungle which is known as Ghangara or Ganga river in India, and you may feel to dive into it and swimwear may most helpful for you.

Note: During the winter season from November to February, sweaters and jackets are necessary for the mornings and evenings.

Some other important things may useful:

  • Flip Flop
  • Adaptor Plug
  • Photographic Equipment
  • spare batteries for Camera
  • spare memory card for the camera
  • Hiking shoes
  • Safari Bag to carry your water bottle and packed lunch.






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