Visit to Budhanilkantha Temple

Spare time and nothing to do in Kathmandu? but there is plenty places to visit and one of them is Budhanilkantha Temple, a sacred temple in Kathmandu. During our stay in Kathmandu before heading to Bardia, we decided to take a little walk up the Temple. Bikram, Anu, and two little Bhajan & Kirtan were ready to hit up after brewing up organic tea which was almost 10 to 15 minute walk away from Chapali.

Budhanilkantha Temple, Kathmandu

We walked up the Temple and Anu bought some Puja Samagri, Prasad that all Hinduism used to do in their own beliefs so that the bad times does not come in the nearer future. There was a queue in line and we skipped did formalities hope the Budhanilkantha understand our situation the reason behind skipping the queue. I was focusing sharpening my eyes to take some snaps and found a woman was trembling next to Budhanilkahtna wall and a man avoiding people not to take a photos or videos. I did not take the photos but thought if it is a true in a public area why should not I shot the snaps then took few photos and short clips of videos but I do not know what happened later on as I did not have time to wait for a conclusion for a trembling woman.


Budhanilkantha Temple is easily accessible by public or private transportation which is located 15 km north of Kathmandu. Budhanilkantha in an incarnation of lord Vishnu and regarded as one of the Trimurtis along with Brahma and Shiva. Up the end of north Kathmandu Valley from Budhanilkathna, you can clearly see Shivapuri Hills and is the perfect hills for your day hiking tour in Kathmandu.

In the  Temple, you can see the largest stone carving 5-meter statue sleeping in the middle of the pond over the thousands of snakes. While you see the statue there are something in every hand of Budhanilkantha and especially the Chakra on the left hand and is considered the main weapon to fight the demons.



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